Managing Your Best Interests


ADVERTISING: Your property will be advertised on the “World Wide Web” ( & Craigs List which has produced prospects from across the country as well as those that are “locals”. It will also be on our office rental listing which boasts the same digital photo as well as a description plus the address for prospect exposure. We will also place “For Rent” signs on the property when appropriate. All advertising in the local newspaper the Daily Courier is paid by the owner on a pro-rated basis.

TENANT PLACEMENT: After your property is viewed and we receive an application, Grants Pass Property Management will run a credit check to determine the “character” of the prospect. We will also check landlord references, national criminal background and verify income/employment which must be approx. three times the monthly rent. It is our intention to place the best possible resident in your rental property. Upon placement of a tenant, there shall be a tenant placement fee charge.

RENT COLLECTION: All tenants will have a due date of the first of the month. If the rent is unpaid after seven days, we will issue a 72-hour notice for non-payment of rent. If the notice is mailed only, then we are required by law to allow an additional 3 days for mailing. If legal action is necessary, Grants Pass Property Management will act as your agent through the entire Eviction process. There will be an additional charge for properties not located in Josephine County for eviction proceedings. Once the tenant has vacated, we will then prepare the unit for rent as needed. Any balance owed by the tenant after their security deposit has been drawn down will be turned over to a collection agency for collection.

REPAIRS: Grants Pass Property Management will supervise and administrate any necessary repairs. If you have a specific licensed and bonded person/firm for maintenance this will be noted in the management paperwork. Extensive repairs will be brought to your attention for approval. Should we be unable to reach you for approval and the repair constitutes an emergency, or is necessary to maintain safe essential services, the repair will be authorized by this office & the owner notified the next business day. We have a maintenance staff for “day to day” type repairs. Our current hourly rate is $40.00/hour (subject to change). Grounds maintenance items are billed on a monthly “bid” basis or are currently $33.00/hr (subject to change) for “one time” services.

INSPECTIONS: Periodic exterior/interior inspections will be conducted to ensure the property is being properly cared for. If there is an unacceptable condition, the tenant shall be notified in writing to correct the problem. Should the correction be incomplete on a follow-up inspection, we will have the correction made at the tenant’s expense. While the property is vacant a weekly inspection shall be performed. New management & tenant move out inspections are also performed including digital pictures.

SECURITY DEPOSIT INSPECTIONS: When your tenant vacates, we will then inspect the property for the purpose of determining the condition and security deposit refund. If there is any work needed above “ordinary wear and tear”, we will arrange to have it completed. Any work done which is not “ordinary wear and tear” will be deducted from the tenants’ security deposit.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: You will receive a monthly statement showing all incomes collected and all expenses paid through the 20th of the month. Statements will be mailed on or about the 25th of each month unless falling on a weekend or holiday, then the following business day. In addition, copies of all expenses are provided with your accounting statement. A minimum “Owner Reserve” is required to be used for repairs, filing fees, advertising, etc. when rental funds are not sufficient. This is maintained in your trust account and is refunded to you upon termination of your management agreement.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is of obvious importance. Any extraordinary issues, questions or concerns regarding your property shall be discussed with you and resolved either by telephone, FAX, E-mail and/or by letter.

This is our Application Packet, please print the entire packet and bring it in with the needed documents noted in the packet.