Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will property management do for me?

Possibly the most important decision in the process of renting or leasing your property is choosing the correct property manager. A good property manager can help you save time, reduce stress, save you money and make things run smoothly while your property generates cash flow and increases in value.

If you are like most owners who are considering renting or leasing their property, you probably don’t know much about how that works. When you contact & interview property managers you may not know what areas are important to cover and which questions to ask.

For these reasons our management objective is the same for all clients: To achieve maximum income under constantly changing economic conditions, while increasing the property value. In view of this objective, we can offer the flexibility to tailor a management program to fit your individual needs and design of your property.

We specialize in providing the highest quality property management service. The following describes an outline of the benefits and advantages of employing Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. as your full-service, professional property management company:

  • Rental evaluation of your property
  • Establishing rent, security deposit and other applicable fees
  • Marketing the property for rent, i.e. on-site signage, personal showings, web page, print advertising, etc.
  • Screening prospective tenants including credit checks, national criminal reports, eviction records (see our sample application form)
  • Preparing and signing all rental/lease documents
  • Collecting rents and other fees
  • Arranging and scheduling for timely maintenance and necessary repairs
  • Paying selected expenses of the property
  • Maintaining computerized records of income and expenses
  • Disbursing finds to owners (including owner draws if necessary)
  • Generating monthly computerized income/expense reports to the owner
  • Represent the owner in all Landlord/Tenant relations including evictions
  • Inspecting the property periodically, i.e. monthly drive-by, 90-day move in inspection, tenant move out inspection and annual interior inspections
  • Recommending improvements to the property owner that would enhance its value
  • Upon tenant move out get the property back in to “rent ready” condition
  • Complete video of the house and grounds

Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. is locally owned and operated. We know the area and the neighborhoods in which we manage. In fact, the owners of Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. also own several rental units in the area and know first hand the trials and tribulations of property management and tenant relationships.


So when you think of a property manager call Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. and Let Us Tend To The Details.

  1. Can I use your Company to place a tenant only (OTP)?

… Let us handle all of the details in locating a new, qualified tenant for you. You can then manage your property until you are ready for Professional Property Management.

  • We will process applications from prospective tenants:

Verify source of all income

Verify credit history

Check public records for past evictions

Verify present tenancy

Verify former tenancy(s)

Complete national criminal background check

  • When a prospective tenant is approved we will:

Complete all rental agreements and other pertinent documentation

Collect all rents and deposits that are due at move in

Provide tenant instructions on how to contact you the property owner

Verify current renters insurance documents

Provide a detailed accounting to you for all finds collected.


  1. What about repairs? Do I have to use your Company?

We provide 24 hour emergency maintenance response. We use licensed, bonded & insured contractors with the goal of minimizing costs, yet maximizing quality work on your property. Routine repairs will be handled and owners are notified through our accounting statement process. Should repairs exceed $300.00 then owners shall be consulted including any unusual or non-essential items. Work will be started on emergency repairs immediately even though it may exceed the $300.00 limitation and you will be advised as soon as possible. You will be notified the next business day of any serious problem that may have occurred during the night. Upon request you may receive copies of all processed work orders.

  1. I want to use your service. How do I get started?

It is as easy as calling us toll free at 1-866-476-8967 or by emailing a note to paul@gpproperty.com. We can schedule an appointment to meet with you and discuss our services and the process in detail. If you reside outside of the Grants Pass area we will send to you our Management Package outlining all of the details and processes.

  1. Do you offer Homeowner Association Services?

Yes we do!! Our services include:

  • Record keeping

Monthly and annual statements to homeowners

Monthly billing to homeowners

A/P and A/R accounting

  • Attend all Homeowner Association meetings

Keep meeting notes

Notice all homeowners of upcoming associations meetings

Attend meetings other than association meetings (billed out separately)

Assemble bids for work to be done per association request/requirements

(billed out separately)

  • Assist with Annual IRS Tax Return

All reports and requested data shall be supplied to the association’s                                   financial advisers

  • Set up and Supply All Client Trust Accounting Materials

Including bank account set up, checks, deposits, NSF monitoring all at no                         additional charge

  • Pay for all First Class mailings

Including association mailings and A/P mailings

  • Miscellaneous

Assist with maintenance, repairs, and replacement of capital assets

Assist with insurance renewals

Assist with Annual State Non-Profit Corporation Report

Assist with State required reserve study report

  1. What restrictions can we make on tenants and activities?

The most often asked questions we get concerns pets. While allowing pets does create greater risk for the property, pets are family members for many tenants and to say “no pets”, may reduce the potential rental market for your home. You as an owner do have the right to place pet restrictions on your property. Our policy is if an owner does allow a tenant to have a pet we can limit the pet according to size, i.e. small, medium or large. Certain types of pets incur greater liability for owners. As part of the documentation process at signing of the tenant we have a pet agreement signed absolving the property owner of any liability on or off the property. We do require a larger security deposit when pets are approved.

  1. What are property owners expected to do?

Owners are expected to help us keep the home safe and habitable for the tenants. At the on set of management, we will perform an inspection of the property for repairs & potential hazards that can minimize your expenses in the future, and enhance the safety of the home.  Our maintenance personnel is available to assist owners as well. You can expect some routine services to your property in order to comply with the Oregon Landlord/Tenant laws or to ensure safety and minimize future repairs. Examples of these are: chimney cleanings, clearing gutters, repairing appliances furnished to the tenancy, normal wear and tear items. Also, items such as roof cleaning, deck sealing, exterior painting, and pest extermination are some of the more costly yet occasional maintenance tasks that may need to be performed.

  1. Do you offer “Eviction” services (PSA)?

Yes we do. It is as easy as calling us toll free at 1-866-476-8967 or by emailing a note to paul@gpproperty.com. We can schedule an appointment to meet with you and discuss our services and the process in detail.

9. We don’t want to rent our property. We only want someone to watch over it. Can you help us (LSA)?

Absolutely we can! We offer weekly vacancy inspections of both the interior & exteriors of the home.We can also be the “first contact” for security alarm calls. We will even pay the utility bills for you from your Owner Reserve funds if need be.

10. All I need is for someone to repair my leaking faucets not manage my property. Help me please?

Our experienced maintenance staff has a collective 50+ yrs of contractor experience behind them. From minor plumbing & electrical, drywall & paint to deck repairs/replacements & other major remodeling. CR Services Inc. is our contracting department licensed, bonded & insured so no task is too small or too large. Give us a call or drop us an email.

11. Will somebody please just mow my yard?

Grounds care opportunities are a daily occurrence with our office. We have the manpower & equipment to remove the largest of debris piles right down to the smallest of pruning shrubbery. Bids are available by email to info@gpproperty.com

This is our Application Packet, please print the entire packet and bring it in with the needed documents noted in the packet.