Upon your initial viewing of the property, should you wish to make application for that residence you will need to complete the following:

1. Complete and sign the rental application provided by Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. When applying for a rental property, applicant may only apply for one property at a time. Each person 18 years and older shall submit an application along with showing two (2) forms of identification. At least one form shall be of Government Issue Picture Identification.

2. Attached to the completed and signed application(s), you must submit a $35.00 (per Applicant) application screening charge and copies of two most recent pay check stubs or income verification. This charge shall be paid by cash, money order or cashier’s check. The application charge is not refundable.

3. ALL DATES of availability are APPROXIMATE – EXACT DATE is contingent upon when keys are returned and the home is ready to re-rent which is usually 7-10 Business days.

4. If you see (Available After ??/??) that property is still occupied PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS AT OCCUPIED UNITS.

5. The following information is subject to change. Prospect is responsible for verifying information and availability.


1. A credit check will be processed through Associated Screening, Inc,. If this report is not favorable (poor credit), your application will be denied. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your credit report you may request a copy of the information provided to us by calling 1-866-477-1127.

2. Upon verifying and approving your credit history we will then verify your landlord references – both past and present. If you are using a relative as a reference, you must present cancelled checks showing proof of rent payment in full. Should you own or have sold your home, you are required to present a signed statement from your bank or mortgage company verifying that your payments have been made timely and in full. It is your responsibility to provide the contact names and numbers to verify this information. Lack of contact names and numbers will be considered an incomplete application and grounds for denial. Your application may be denied should any reference(s) be negative.

3. Upon your references being acceptable, we will then verify your income. You will need to be able to verify at least three times the rent of the unit you are applying for in gross income. ALL INCOMES MUST BE VERIFIABLE. You will need to provide copies of your two (2) most recent payroll stubs.

4. If your application has been acceptable to this point, a criminal history background check shall then be performed.

5. All information contained in your rental application shall be considered. Applicant(s) acknowledges and accepts that, if necessary, an additional security deposit may be required.

6. Any criminal history, lack of pertinent information or false information noted on your application may be grounds for denial.

7. Should your demeanor or your manners at any point during the application process be deemed overly aggressive, confrontational, rude, unprofessional, or otherwise indicative of someone who is indifferent towards their neighbors or management, Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. reserves the right to deny your application.

8. It may take up to 72 hours to process your application, assuming that all the information is complete and your references are readily available.

IF YOUR APPLICATION IS DENIED: You will be notified at the address and phone number you have listed on your application. The application fee is non-refundable.

IF YOUR APPLICATION IS APPROVED: You will be notified at the number you have listed on your application. This will be done within 48 to 72 hours of submittal, if possible. If Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. is unable to reach you at the number listed on your application within 24 hours of submittal, it will become the responsibility of the applicant to contact Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. Once the next 24 hours have lapsed Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. shall continue to market the property as available and will process the next applicant for the property in the primary position.

Within 24 hours of notification that your application has been approved, you must complete a “DEPOSIT TO HOLD” agreement to insure your execution of the rental agreement (THIS MUST BE PAID BY MONEY ORDER ONLY). If you do not complete the Rental Agreement as set forth in the Deposit To Hold Agreement, your funds shall be forfeited. When the Rental Agreement is executed, the funds will be applied as noted on the Deposit To Hold Agreement. There will be an additional security deposit of $300 required for each additional roommate added after the rental agreement has been initially signed.

Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. inspects each property and video tapes the interior/exterior when at all possible. This inspection report and/or video will be kept on file during the term of your tenancy and will be referred to when you vacate the property for security deposit purposes (to insure documentation of the property included with the rental as well as the condition of the property at your move in). If there is a dispute regarding the condition of the property at move in, all parties will rely on the inspection report and/or video to resolve the matter. Grants Pass Property Management, Inc. reserves the right to amend these policies based on each individual application without discrimination.


LANDLORD IS NOT legally responsible for loss to the residents’ personal property, possessions or personal liability and OWNER’S INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER such losses or damages. If damages or injury to owner’s property is caused by resident, resident’s guest(s) or child (children), then owner’s insurance company may have the right to attempt to recover from the resident(s) payments made under owner’s policy.

If applicable, resident(s) will be required to obtain and maintain insurance with a minimum of $100,00/occurrence of liability coverage during your tenancy & provide certificate of insurace to Grants Pass Property Management, Inc.

Revised 06/14

This is our Application Packet, please print the entire packet and bring it in with the needed documents noted in the packet.